Oolong Tea

Oolong meaning “black dragon” is semi-fermented.Oolong tea leaves are picked and processed immediately by wilting in sunlight and drying until the leaf turns yellow.When the bruised edges turn reddish,the leaf is fired to stop fermentation. The leaf is never broken by rolling so oolongs are always whole leaf teas, low in caffeine with a mild taste and rich perfumed aroma.

  • China Premium Wu-long Fujian A

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    • $24.75
    A famous tea in China with more than 3000 years history. Enjoying a natural mountain environment and crystal clear waters.This anxi "green" oolong has deeply green leaf, floral aroma and mellow, brisk taste.

    Brewing tips
    1 teaspoon per cup into either a teapot or infuser. Add boiling water 100degC for 3-5 minutes add milk as desired.

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