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The “tea ceremony” has been an essential element in a traditional wedding celebration in some cultures for centuries.
This strong connection between tea and the wedding day is probably where the idea of serving tea and
giving tea as a thankyou gift to guests originated.

In recent times giving a gift of a unique blend of high quality or rare tea has grown in popularity. Tea is universally loved and lovers of tea are getting well educated and selective about their favourite brew. For those guests that are not as tea savvy and have never ventured further than the supermarket teabag they are often surprised and delighted by how lovely a premium whole leaf tea tastes. A common reaction to trying one of our premium quality green teas is “I didn’t know that green tea tasted like this - I thought I didn’t like green tea but this isn’t bitter at all , it’s really good!” So gifting tea can be a lovely opportunity to share the love of tea. 

Some options for incorporating tea as a thank you present for wedding guests can be to individually gift wrap and display as a decorative addition to the table setting. Adding the guests name can also act as a place card.

Another option is to have a designated table displaying various varieties of packaged teas (green, herbal, white, blossom, chai ,earl grey etc…) and invite your guests to choose their own gift to take home. Arranging for your caterer to serve the various tea varieties is also a lovely touch and much appreciated by guests who need a decent cup of tea at the end of a big day or perhaps a gentle herbal tea after all that excitement and celebrating.  

If you have sourced your own gift packaging and just require individually labelled and sealed portions of tea we are happy to supply this and let you assemble as you wish. Tea has a long shelf life so you can organise this months in advance of the big day. Prices start from $3 per unit plus delivery. View our range

“All the best for your big day “

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